Making a success of your relationship: psychology and experiences


It is difficult to tell people what works in a relationship. The only way to really know you’ve succeeded is to realize on your deathbed that you’re still together and you haven’t said, “Get this creature out of here so I can die in peace.” From this point of view, and according to my endless series of unsuccessful attempts not to make a woman run screaming in the opposite direction, I can’t even pretend to give advice on this subject.

Nevertheless, I reviewed the key elements of strong relationships based on psychology and the experience of people who have been married for more than 10 years and are still happy in their relationships.

This article is therefore a comprehensive guide, separated into different parts. Each concept is put into situation with concrete examples followed by practical elements to help you succeed in your life as a couple and to avoid running outside, without shorts, shouting: “I’m FREE! “and then regretting it a few weeks later.

Let’s get started!


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