You are in control of your thoughts


In — Psychotherapy and Existentialism —  «Man is not free from conditions. But he is free to take a stand in regard to them. The conditions do not completely condition him. Within limits it is up to him whether or not he succumbs and surrenders to the conditions. He may as well rise above them and by so doing open up and enter the human dimension…Ultimately, man is not subject to the conditions that confront him; rather, these conditions are subject to his decision. Wittingly or unwittingly, he decides whether he will face up or give in, whether or not he will let himself be determined by the conditions.» He thus finds himself stuck in facts that he himself decided. No wonder how man is overcome with fear, worry, fear overnight.

This fear that is invading you right now is the result of a disconnection with yourself. If you are not at peace internally, everything around you can become a source of stress. This inner peace is intimately linked to what you think of yourself.

If you think you are stupid, surprisingly, you become stupid, if you think that you cannot do it, surprisingly, you cannot do it. If you think you hate your ex-boyfriend again, surprisingly, you find yourself thinking about him all day.

What is really behind these facts?
What to do to overcome them?

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