How to act in times of crisis?


These last days were marked by unprecedented events around the world. People who previously never thought they would do such things one day find themselves robbing big box stores, fighting for a cart, or ripping up the supplies of another vulnerable person because they have found the empty shelves. Does this situation appeal to you? There is no shortage of food in their countries. Why did these events happen then?

Well, people suddenly find themselves in a situation of insecurity. Many people find themselves in this situation, just because someone told them bad news. They forget, then, 30 years of experience, 20 years of expertise, all their talents, all their know-how, and they especially forget that they have survived 100% of their difficult situations and they escaped from them.

During this period, apparent at the beginning of an economic and health crisis where you need to increase your psychological security, I am sharing this unpublished content with some guidelines to adopt in these types of situations.

1- Your security comes from inside

Your security, whether financial or health, comes first and foremost from the inside. You break down because you are not solid inside, you suddenly lose your security because inside you are a vulnerable person who is influenced by the reaction of others, the media and the outside world. Make it look like it is, but not worse. That is to say, do not fall into this psychosis and do not stop living because a case has been detected in your country, without telling you that a good part of people heal on their own. Follow state guidelines and focus on something else.

2- Don’t let your emotions get the best of you

In a crisis, you should always remember that the longer the crisis, the more difficult it will be to stay calm and confident. This is essential, because losing calm will increase confusion and stress for you and your loved ones, leading to wrong decisions on all fronts, while thinking it is the best decision to take.

3- Maintain your productivity

When tokens are down, you can choose to get caught up in all the negativity around you, or you can choose to do something positive about it. There is always a choice. By choosing to keep your positivity, you will transform not only you, but also the potential complainants around you into problem solvers.

4- You are the best advisor for yourself

Know that in a crisis, the best adviser that exists for you is yourself. By losing your composure, you align yourself with the decisions and choices of people who have kept their cool, people who make decisions about their own financial or family situation, not yours. Whether you are an entrepreneur, a family head, a business owner, a trader, or a private citizen, you are your own advisor because no one else knows your situation as well as you do.

5- It’s time to make a difference

It is during these times of crisis that you can and must make a difference.

The majority of people around you will panic, not knowing what to do, because their mentality is not prepared for these kinds of situations. Know that those who keep their cool also keep their capacity for analysis, reasoning and decision-making. This allows them not only to make a difference at the psychological level, but also at the level of their entrepreneurial or family affairs. Make a difference by helping those who need it, make a difference by taking action, not reacting.

6- You are not useless in the face of the crisis

It is time to demonstrate everything you can do. It is during these moments that your true personality, this personality which is ready to take up challenges, to overcome obstacles must take place. Leave your concerns and complaints aside and take action to benefit the community, your talents, your expertise that will make a difference in the situation you are experiencing. Do not underestimate the benefit you can bring. Whatever you are capable of can serve someone during these times. Share! Share! Share!

7- See the situation as an opportunity

Be proactive rather than endure like most people do. When one of your plans goes astray due to a certain crisis and you have not planned an alternative, don’t panic. You are endowed with the same brain that has enabled humanity to break out of a dead end as violent as the crisis in front of you. So take a moment of relaxation and focus on setting up a quick alternative, because you have the ability.

Successful people know how to take advantage of crisis situations while others constantly complain about the same situation. How do you think some people make a fortune in times of crisis while others seek protection?

8- Change viewing angle

Many of you are in a situation that you did not foresee in the past. A situation, which escapes their control, due to quarantine measures adopted in their country. Rather than find yourself in a situation of constant defense and complaint, come back to yourself for a moment before the crisis and think about how to put in place an alternative.

If you’ve been doing the same thing for years, maybe it’s time to try something else. If your investments have always worked on the stock market, maybe you should try real estate. If you’ve always worked in offices, maybe you should try telecommuting. If you are used to going out with your kids or your pet every day, make a difference by trying something inside. There are always several ways to satisfy something. You cannot find out by staying absorbed in bad thoughts.

9- It’s just a step, no more

It’s not the end of the world ! far from there !!! It’s just a step.

If you look throughout history, the biggest and most necessary changes typically come in the wake of crises, much like our most important personal changes often come in the wake of our traumas.

There is always a possibility of creation in destruction. Look for that possibility and move on.

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