How to look elegant and graceful ?


1. Improve and train your body

Grace depends on how you look and behave, how you speak, how you move, all of which influences grace. So start by looking at yourself from head to toe and see which part of your body needs improvement, get in shape, get good looks whether you are fat or thin.

2. Make your posture beautiful by regular yoga movements

A beautiful posture is a symbol of gracious personality, you can improve even more by making regular yoga movements.

3. Observe other graceful people

Observe others who have a gracious personality, look at how they behave and learn from them.

4. Add delicacy sitting and standing

You must know the art of sitting and moving in a meeting, there should be a delicacy element in how to sit and stand.

5. Don’t spit, speak softly

The spray ruins the image when you are specially in a formal meeting or family reunion. Always speak politely and slowly.

6. Walk with confidence

Confidence is a trait that enhances your beauty and grace, then walk with confidence, it will beautify your soul.

7. Stop being awkward

The awkwardness is not acceptable if you want to look elegant. The way you walk around, hold things, hand things over to others, calm and no haste are key.

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