The art of being creative and dominating the world


Creativity has long been perceived as a mystery. A mystery that nature reserves for itself to endow some people with it and deprive others of it. The creativity that has gone through history and that has made this world what it is today is far from being a mystery.

When we look back through history, the world has known creative beings who have left a remarkable mark. These beings have shaped the foundations on which our world rests. They have thought, designed and experienced what many of us could not conceive of. Their works stack up our registers and their names resonate in our minds. Pablo Picasso, Steve Jobs, Aristotle and Albert Einstein are among those that many of us would call creative beings.

From the visionary John F. Kennedy mentioning a free being to the average citizen thinking of a unique being, creativity has been given a wave of meanings over time. And for good reason, most definitions refer to a field, a category of people or a given period of time.

As for the real sense of creativity, it arises from the combination of two indispensable elements: novelty and value.

The absence of one of these elements invalidates most works that initially appear creative. A new work that brings no value to society is considered crude, insipid and immature. A work that brings value but is not new is subject to a series of scams. Therefore, for a work to be creative, it must be both new and useful to the society for which it is intended.

The difficulty of being creative lies in the ability to bring these two elements together in the same work. This requires understanding the audience to which it is addressed, making several attempts that will end in failure, or perfecting your way of doing things through many years of practice. Hard work is therefore inevitable to achieve this.

And as with all hard work, a certain degree of routine and repeatability is required, which makes creativity a bit boring. However, it also provides the opportunity to train to acquire or improve it. According to a 2011 study, simply understanding creativity and how it works can help you improve your life [1].

In this sense, let’s find out how you can be more creative in your life.


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