How to improve your sense of humor?


1. Infuse humor in you

Well, there are a few things that will allow you to breathe element of humor in you. The first thing you need to do is stay positive, a frustrated mind cannot think of humor or generate humor. So be calm, because to create humor, you must be positive. After that you can pay attention to things that can improve your sense of humor, as in this Internet age where you can be connected with the rest of the world. Watch funny videos on YouTube, listen to comedy programs.

2. Get what delights you

You can only produce good humor when you have it spontaneously by things that delight you, that you like and that tickle your fantasy. You don’t have to do it for others, you do it because you love it.

3. Specify your timing to say something hilarious

The most vital lesson you need to learn is that you want to improve your sense of humor, but that does not mean that being a funny person means you have to be funny all the time otherwise the people around you will start to expect from you. Sometimes you don’t want to say anything, you want to spend some time with yourself, even in a crowd, so you need to know when it’s time to switch to your hilarious side .

4. Listen comic videos

There are tons of amazing funny videos made and posted by ordinary people who are not professional comedians, but their humor is huge and worth mentioning. So make it a habit to watch these videos and you may get some valuable tips to be funny.

5. Find and feel the fun side of things

Careful observation counts a lot in improving your sense of humor. To improve humor, you need to find and feel the humorous element in every aspect of things. Look around, find and hunt this aspect.

6. Observe carefully the great work of famous comedians

Another way to build a sense of humor when watching famous works by great comedians is not only the pun, but also the way you pronounce the gestures that make speech a hilarious act.

7. Spend some time with those who are good at making jokes

Be with those who are good at making jokes, you will catch the vibrations, it is the easiest and most practical way to improve your sense of humor. If your business is made up of friends smart enough to joke perfectly, you can also make a joke that will make other people laugh.

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