How to get out of your comfort zone?


1. Dare to play dangerous

To get out of your comfort zone, you have to make things interesting. Why don’t you dare to play something dangerous? Do you take peppers while eating an omelet ?. It’ll be fun, it’s stupid, but when you do that, you will feel great, it will be huge for you to dangerous play for the first time.

2. Do what you are afraid to do

Once in a lifetime, you may have done something that broke you and that is why this act or thing is holding you back. Now, how would you feel about reciprocating? Break the thing that broke you once. Do what you are afraid to do, whether to trust someone, either to travel or else!

3. Tickle and do what you’ve never done before

Are you one of the people who get stuck in something and don’t get the most out of their fantasies? Well, this time, think silly, think unique and that’s what you’ve never done before. Have you ever tried to sing a song in your voice? Try it, record your voice and listen to it, you will be amused when you start to discover something about yourself that you did not know before. Perhaps there is a good singer, a good player a good speaker hidden in you? Give yourself a boost and get this amazing human out.

4. Complete Incomplete

Do all the pending work that you once carried over to unknown tomorrows, do it now. Play the game you left in the middle of a path, challenge yourself to complete the unfinished game and you will soon surprise yourself.

5. Be your own mentor and ask yourself questions

If nothing provokes you, then get up, pinch your thoughts, throw a stone in standing water and make it come alive. Be your own mentor and ask yourself that you don’t want to be amazing? To be beautiful ? Be adventurous? You want a dull life? Come on!, There is so much to do, wake up and see that there is a goal in the universe that must be discovered and accomplished by you.

6. Enjoy yourself

You have to totally change your look for yourself, go to the salon and do your hair – you have never tried it, make yourself a new dress in a color that you have never tried, change the whole look! All of these small steps will slowly break the ice and get you out of the comfort zone.

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