How to be humble ?


1. Congratulate someone who has set aside his jealousy

Never leave feeling jealousy dominate your heart and mind. The best way to defeat it is to admire and praise the trait or the beauty of someone with an open heart. It’s great to admire someone, don’t hold back from being great.

2. Know your talents but have no pride

Whatever your talent, wealth and beauty, you must keep your nose at a friendly level, even if you are aware of your qualities and your pride.

3. Express your views without being ruthless

To express your point of view, it does not only mean being rude and unforgiving, you can express your difference of opinion. Express your views on a soft tone and it will seem more convincing.

4. Confess your mistakes

To err is human, it is natural to make mistakes, so always admit your mistakes if necessary. The person with very low strength is afraid to confess their mistakes, so choose to be strong and admit your slippage.

5. Receive compliments with hat in hand

When you are good at something, people tend to appreciate you. While receiving huge compliments from the other side, never give the impression that “Yes, I am”, but rather receive recognition with cap in hand.

6. Don’t wear a mask, be you

To be humble, you don’t have to leave your individuality and become a clown for others, be yourself in a sublime and humble way, that’s all!

7. Focus on donations

Being a hand that always gives, which always takes the initiative to get someone to help others, it is the perfect way to practice humility.

8. Don’t impose your opinions on others

Impose your ideology to others is really disgusting, so know your limits when you participate in a meeting and enjoy the view of others.

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