How to be nice ?


1. Explicitly rewarding others

Being nice doesn’t mean you’re supposed to have a lot of money and you should give it to people you meet, there’s more than one way to be nice. Sometimes praising someone generously instead of being jealous of him / her is a great act of kindness because it takes courage to reward someone with good words.

2. Open the door to someone

If there is someone whose hands are engaged because of luggage, then, without asking anything, you can help them open the door. It is an act of charming kindness, it consumes neither your energy nor your wealth, while it shows that you are a beautiful soul.

3. Return the favor more gently

If someone has been good to you or has helped you when needed, you should do their favors more pleasantly, one good ride deserves another, so be there for them whenever you think that he needs you.

4. Organize a surprise party for your loved ones

It’s also another way to show what kind of kind heart you have, because you have gentle angles for others who are thinking of how to please someone. Organizing a small surprise party for your loved one and your dear is of sublime kindness.

5. Tea and sympathy for a lonely person

There are people around us, at the office, at home, in the neighborhood who need nothing, all they want is to be listened to. They need someone who can give them tea and sympathy. So be with such people who can be healed right after having a few words of sympathy. You don’t need a big one to say, “Everything is fine, everything will be fine.”

6. Lend a hand to children and seniors

Looking for a lost toy for your brother, giving glasses to your grandfather are the best expression of kindness and affection. When you are too young or too old, you can not do many things correctly, sometimes you need help from someone, so be it to help everyone who needs you.

7. Generously do charity work

Never be stingy by spending few dollars on others, your money will be multiplied by such acts. Look around you, the people for whom your few dollars can help and be there for them.

8. Wear a smile while greeting someone

Wearing a smile is a complete make-up on your face, nothing makes a person more attractive and more beautiful than a simple adorable smile that you wear when greeting someone. It also falls into a category of kindness.

9. Be reasonable with an unreasonable

There are people who sometimes act unreasonably, the best way to treat them is to be nice or to remain reasonable, do not act like it does. Your individuality is kindness, so why change it for someone?

10. Use “Sorry” and “Thank you”

Confess your mistakes and do not hesitate to apologize, also take practice to show your gratitude by thanking, even if the favor may seem banal.

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