How to support someone?


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1. Have patience to be with them

Some people heal quickly and others take time. Therefore, to support such a person, you have to be very patient.

2. Help them do their job

Part of their life is not working well, so share their burden by helping them do good for others. Take some of their responsibilities and make them feel less burdened. Make a cup of coffee for them, help them wash the dishes, find a job, help them study, etc.

3. Don’t leave them alone even if they want to

You have to take care of their individuality, but don’t leave them alone, monitor them without letting them feel alone, because he / she is the one for whom you are really worried and worried. Some people show that they want to be alone but that deep down, someone has to break the ice.

4. Show them that you really care

You have to talk to them and tell them that you are uncomfortable because they are uncomfortable. In doing so, they will be relieved to be supported.

5. Understand them and their problems

Try to understand and solve their problems. Perhaps you will find a way to get them out. Tell them “you can trust me, say what’s bothering you”.

6. I can’t solve it but I’m here to be with you

Some people are hungry for tea and sympathy. All they want is a light tap on the shoulder, a soft voice saying “Everything will be fine”, a phrase like “I am here to be with you”. So say it, don’t hold back your kind thoughts, someone, somewhere, just needs a hug from you.

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