How to overcome your hypocrisy?


1. You must have your own thinking and vision, leave the rest

You should have your own thought about anything, no matter what the rest of the world says, don’t take it out on them. Maybe a certain group of people would like something bad, so you don’t need to like them, no matter how bright it gives your conscious voice. Only dead fish go with the flow, you want to be a dead fish? The choice is yours!

2. Stop mixing with others

It is not necessary to stick your nose in all areas. Even if you are close to someone, a limit is always there to keep you at a distance. Ask yourself this, do you like being exposed by someone? Do you want someone to hold you responsible for something? Will you accept criticism all the time? The answer is a greatly NO, so avoid this irritating habit.

3. Also try to understand the perception of others

We have different perceptions for different things, don’t comment without understanding its context, you need to know the context before you say and put anything in your mindset. Do not consider yourself an angel who cannot be wrong in his judgments, can you think badly, or think badly voluntarily? The second is awful. Understand the understanding of others. It will be easier for you not to be a hypocrite.

4. Don’t speak the walk if you can’t speak it

Don’t brag about what you don’t practice, stay humble, be down to earth, claim only what you can actually do. Do it as you say. Otherwise, you will lose your credibility and your confidence, you will lose the love and confidence of your near and dear ones.

5. Only make promises that you can keep

Don’t take such commitments that you can’t fill thereafter, it is ok to say no, I can’t, than to be defeated later.

6. Instead of being biased in some situations remain silent

Do not miss a note based on your prejudice, saying that slap in your mind, check the box when you really think so, otherwise keep quiet. You shouldn’t be unfair to yourself. Start by being honest with yourself.

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