How to overcome jealousy ?


1. Do not make a comparison, rather enter a competition

You should avoid embarking on any comparison, stop thinking model “he has more than me”, this model is wrong, you must replace the comparison with competition

2. Learn from your jealousy

Give appropriate direction to your feeling of jealousy, identify your reasons for jealousy and start working on them, take them as targets and as inspiration. With this thought you will open up new opportunities.

3. Decide that you are going to end this emotion

Now that you know your way, decide for yourself that you are going to end the emotion called “jealousy.” You have something much better.

4. Manage your jealousy tactfully

Now you need to be a little tactful to let go of those awkward emotions that have upset your inner strength. Whenever you want to be caught in jealousy, breathe deeply, take a brisk walk and watch your favorite show.

5. Polish your positive traits

Jealousy is not an unusual thing, until you are obstinate about it. If there is a bad habit of being jealous in you, there will also be positive traits in you. Take it as a whim and refine your features. By doing so, you will be able to hone some of your skills and do wonders.

6. Use your time the best way possible

Don’t waste your leisure time. Even leisure time should be spent fruitfully, like listening to motivational videos of great mentors, read useful information on best practices and how to build them in you. By doing this, you will be able to practice positivity in your life daily.

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