Great things always start from inside


(brief message that could change your life)

The human being is greatly influenced by external forces including the environment, society, friends and acquaintances and thus finds himself trapped in all the negative thoughts of failure, jealousy, unhappiness and distress that lead at his fall. In fact, all these thoughts are the production of his own mind, which thinks that his life will be affected by an external event or an individual. He lives in constant fear and thinks that someone could affect him or become an obstacle to his success or happiness.

In reality, these external forces have no power to affect us, but we let them kill in us the human being that we are. We depend on all these bad beliefs that have a bad influence on us.

Our inner strength can keep us free from all these bad feelings and help us lead righteous lives.

If we show introspection, we will realize that no one other than ourselves is our greatest enemy. We can easily influence our happiness and success with our inner beliefs, but instead, we allow ourselves to be influenced by the external forces that keep breaking us down. It’s the way we think that makes all the difference. If we let the external force dominate us, we break down and are responsible for our failure, but if we let the internal force dominate our life, then we fulfill our life with all the positivity and happiness.

We forget this important notion, which very few people approach in personal development, which consists in reconnecting with oneself.

The great figures you see in everyday life have one thing in common. They have learned to reconnect with themselves, to discover the strength that reigns within them. As you will have probably heard, Steve Jobs made a spiritual retreat in India and advised Mark Zuckerberg to go to the temple where he had gone to reconnect with what he believed to be the company’s mission.

Inner strength has even more benefits than helping you realize your business dreams. It gives you a sense of peace and meaning. It’s an energy sink you can tap into to help you get through the most difficult times.

People with inner strength easily forgive because they know that they can only control their own actions and that their happiness does not depend on others. They know the power of positive thinking to take control of their condition and transform their state of mind. In fact, one of Tony’s favorite quotes about finding inner strength is, “The power of positive thinking is the ability to generate a feeling of certainty in yourself when nothing in the environment supports you.”


With Tony Robbins et Mamta Sehgal

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