You sold your attention, here’s how to get it back


It is 10 am, you are finally awake after 10 hours of sleep. Your first reflex was always to check your notifications, as if you were expecting something from someone who is somewhere. To your surprise, they announce a new case in your province, new deaths in your country, or even, that your favorite star said shit. Your mood starts to deteriorate like yesterday, at the same time. Without realizing it, you have given control of your emotional state to something. This through your attention.

To help you get out of this daily spiral and finally get your attention, the following content has been put in place. But before we start, let’s be clear on some points.

Controlling your attention is emotionally difficult to implement. This is because we are easily hooked by all that is undesirable. At the point where this has become an addiction and we mainly use them to sleep much of our stress and insecurities everyday.

Therefore, getting rid of it will expose a lot of uncomfortable emotions, trigger cravings and compulsions during the first days or weeks of implementation.

The goal here is to push you to stay more focused on what adds value to your life.

Now that we’re gone, let’s get started!

1- Cleaning

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