What if your parents are not to blame ?


I remember that day when I was lying in bed, immersed in an infinite spiral of introspection. You know, those questions you often ask yourself when you’re 18 years old. Those questions that echo in your heart and bubble in your mind. Those questions in which you wonder why you are living what you are living until you find yourself playing a loop of Howard Beale’s passage in the movie “Network” (1976), where he explains how shitty life is.

Almost all of us once tried to blame our parents in one way or another. Maybe they were too conservative to share their mistakes with us. Maybe they hit us instead of encouraging us when we were trying to be independent. Maybe they were absent when we really needed them.

Time slips away and we grow older. We are going through our twenties trying to figure out who we are supposed to be and what we are supposed to do with the rest of our lives.

However, the world seems to be working against us. Everything we try seems not to work. We may be too shy to take on this job. Maybe we’re too sensitive to keep a relationship going. We may be too suspicious to trust others.

Then we start to remember all the choices our parents should have made. Those choices that might have allowed us to be less shy to hold this position today, to be less sensitive to keep the relationship, or to be less suspicious to live fully with others. Then we stay up at night hoping, “If only things could be different. »

However, we very often forget to ask ourselves one thing: “What if it wasn’t our parents’ fault?”

Let’s discover what influence our parents really have on us

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