The unique way to build sustainable self-confidence


Imagine you are an employee who has just landed a new job with a company and you are trying to do your job properly. However, every time you step into action, there’s that soft voice in your head that takes over, whispering to you over and over again, “Am I doing this right? “or “Will they be satisfied with my work? “or “If I do this or that, will they like me?” You start getting stressed out. Your colleague next door asks you if you are doing well, but you take this question as if you had received bad feedback on something you have barely started. This stress, which at first was just a whisper, grows so much that the joy of doing the job you wanted so badly turns into hell.

This type of situation, whether it happens at work or at home in front of your spouse, paralyzes the daily life of many human beings on this planet. I would go as far as to say that it’s shit right now.

These interminable questionings that occupy your thoughts when faced with a situation that is very often misunderstood reflect what you believe others think or will think of you or what you do. Finding yourself in such a situation certainly shows a lack of self-confidence.

How then can you develop this self-confidence?

Patience, you must first grab all the related points. To do this, let me tell you a little fun fact that might be familiar to you.


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