When you feel like giving up, remember this content


It’ s the year 2009. Overnight, Mark decided to start his own business selling Mexican Burrito pots and pans. It sounds weird, but let me reassure you: it’s the name of a delicious dish. Mark lives in the state of Georgia and has no idea how to go about it. So he decides to figure out basically what he needs to start this business: a chef (Grandma), a location (at home), a delivery guy (his cousin Jeff), with of course a bunch of pots and pans and everything else that goes with it. At this point, Mark keeps wondering if his business will work. After all, he has just stopped playing soccer to devote himself entirely to his project. That’s how, for the first time, the feeling of wanting to give up something manifested itself in him (giving up without having started). Although this feeling was strong, Mark held on to his battle to finally get a small set of supplies to get started. Again, in order to sell, you need orders. Mark sucks at marketing and has no fucking clue about it. He has certainly heard of WADA (American Marketing Association), but has confused it with the World Anti-Doping Agency. An obstacle then arises and Mark has to make a decision: give up or look for a customer by all means? This seems almost impossible to him. While he is looking for a solution, his friends keep dissuading him to drop his plan and come and play a game of soccer. He then finds himself straddling the line between what he likes to do and what he would love to accomplish in his life, but which requires a much greater effort. He chose the option that seemed obvious to him and pursued his soccer instincts, only to find himself disappointed in this adventure that he had barely begun.

Like Mark, before writing this article, I’ve often wondered if its content will be useful. I feel like I don’t have any good ideas or enough time to find them properly. My imagination seems to be at a standstill, my energy seems lost and my taste for hammering out a single word seems bitter. Only then did I realize that I felt like I wanted to give up.

This realization reminded me how our brain plays tricks on us very often. Let me explain.


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